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Georg Mohr, International Chess Grandmaster (IGM), FIDE Senior Trainer (FST), International Organizer (IO)
Georg Mohr was born in Maribor, Slovenia in 1965. He decided to become a chess professional in his early years and has fully dedicated his life to the ancient game ever since.

He had been an internationally successful professional chess player for 20 years, before he retired from professional playing in 2002 in favor of becoming a full-time chess trainer and organizer.

International Chess Grandmaster from 1997, national team player for Slovenia for 12 years, 6 times member of the Slovenian Olympic team (1992 – 2002). Bronze medal for the individual result (European Team Chess Championship, 2001), Bronze medalist (World Senior Championship, 2015). 18 times National Champion of Slovenia with his team “Chess Club Maribor”.

FIDE Senior Trainer from 2004, head coach of the Slovenian National team (2003 – 2011), head coach of the Turkish youth team (2011 – present). FIDE Youth Trainer of the year 2017 (»Max Euwe award«).

International Chess Organizer, Chief Organiser of the European Club Cup 2011, Chief Organiser of the World Youth Chess Championship 2012.

Organiser of numerous summer chess camps. Active in many other chess-related fields as chess journalist and writer (Coordinator of the FIDE Trainers Committee Surveys (from 2010), Chief Editor of the national Chess Magazine Šahovska misel (from 1999 – 2011, from 2015 – present). Translator, writer.

Also active outside of chess, Director of companies Liv Ukraine (1996 – 1999) and Šahohlačnik (2000 – present).

Technical Director

Adrian Mikhalchishin, International Chess Grandmaster, FIDE Senior Trainer

Adrian Bohdanovich Mikhalchishin is renownes former Ukranian and Soviet junior chess champion, chess trainer, theoretican and writer. He was born in Lvov, Ukraine, in 1954. In 1995 he took Slovenian citizenship.

Grandmaster from 1978, FIDE Senior Trainer from 2002. Chairman of FIDE Trainers Commission (2009 – present), ECU presidential board member (from 2014).

Trainer of many famous chess players: Anatoliy Karpov (1980 – 86), Maja Chiburdanidze (1978), Alexandr Beliavsky (1986 – 95), Vasily Ivanchuk (1990), Polgar sisters (1992 – 1994), Alisa Marić (1994 – 2000), Zhaoqin Peng (2002 – 2007), Richard Rapport (2010), Arkady Najdich (2005 – 06) among the others. 

Trainer of the club Agrouniverzal Belgrade, three times European Woman Club Champion (1993, 1997, 1999). Captain and trainer of Soviet Union (1989- 90), Slovenia (1998 – 2003), Netherlands (2003 – 2007), Turkey (2007 – present).

FIDE Senior Trainer and lecturer from 2002. He conducted many trainer seminars in more than 15 countries over the World. 

He wrote more than 20 chess books, translated in many languages.


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