20180812 participantsChess Camp 2019 (Maribor, Slovenia, June 22nd – 29th)

The European Chess Academy, in cooperation with the European Chess Union (ECU) and the Garry Kasparov Chess Foundation (KCF), is hosting the traditional big international Chess Camp for 2019.

The camp will be particularly spectacular this year, as it will be associated with two major events: chess weekend in Maribor (21. – 23. 6.) and the Grand Chess Tour Classical Tournament Zagreb 2019 – end of June, beggining of July)). Camp participants will join the campaigns on both events!

We have prepared extremely favorable prices (tuition fees, accommodation), there is a simultan exhibition with the star Grandmasters (World Champion Antoaneta Stefanova among the others), a Greet and Meet session with Gary Kasparov (selfies, autographs …) and a tour of the big tournament, where you will meet the best chess players of our days.

Hurry up with the applications!

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