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Memorial Planinec podiumThe 28th World Senior Chess Championship, which is being held from November 17th until November 29th 2018, is currently in full swing. The championship is divided into 4 categories: Open 50+, Open 65+, Women 50+ and Women 65+. 330 participants come from 57 different countries and all continents. Among these players are 20 Grandmasters and 10 women Grandmasters. The biggest number of participants, 180 of them, play in the category Open 65+. GM Evgeny Sveshnikov from Russia is defending his title from last year. This year his competition is quite strong. GM Jansa Vlastimil from Czech Republic is currently in the lead with all points. The strengths in category Open 50+ are currently more equally distributed. 5 players have collected 5 points so far (GM Danielsen, GM Sturua, GM Arakhamia – Grant, GM Bagaturov and GM Movsziszian).

IMG 20181117 133716 PANOFor first time Slovenia is hosting the World Senior Chess Championship. The city of Bled (nearly 6.000 inhabitants) in northern Slovenia, situated between Jesenice and the capital Ljubljana, is hosting this important tournament.

In 1930s, dr. Milan Vidmar, a great son of Slovenian nation, wished to thank the chess world for all hospitality he received on his travels over the globe. He wanted to welcome his fellow players in Slovenia and be the best host ever seen. Knocking on many doors and writing a myriad of requests, he obtained what is the most important - money. Then he said: «We will play in Bled; the world should see how beautiful is our Slovenia! I will invite the best of the best; I will organize the tournament for all eternity! » 

planinc pic 300Organizer: European Chess Academy -
When: Saturday, November 24th 2018, 10.00.
Where: GRAND Hotel Toplice, Cesta svobode 12, Bled, Slovenia.
Registration: till 22nd of November:
- email:,
- SMS: +386 40 834 432,
- In the office of the Senior World Championship 2018.
Late entries are possible (till 24th of November, 9.00) = 50% higher entry fee.

European Chess Academy

Istrska ulica 60h / 2000 Maribor / Slovenia +386 (40) 834 432