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Meet With Our Chess Academy

European Chess Academy, Institute for development of creative thinking Maribor, has been founded by two friends, Slovenian chess grandmasters, Adrian Mikhalchishin and Georg Mohr.
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EUROPEAN CHESS ACADEMY / Institute for the development of creative thinking 

Istrska ulica 60h / 2000 Maribor / Slovenia +386 (40) 834 432 

Educating trainers and teachers

European Chess Academy offers various educational professional seminars for chess trainers and teachers. 
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Chess training

European Chess Academy offers you various training opportunities– from live lessons to distance learning facilitated by many modern online tools. 
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Organisation of events

European Chess Academy has vast experience with organization of international events. 
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Eugeny Ushakov

European Chess Academy is proud to announce the signing of a contract with the well-known chess patron Eugeny Ushakov. 
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28th World Senior Chess Championship

Bled, November 17-30th, 2018 Bled – one of the most chess-cantered cities in the world – is returning to our chess scene. After few years lasting break, Bled is hosting the World Senior Chess Championship 2018 on the shores of its beautiful lake in next November – a festival of chess players in the third life period, who will compete in four categories.
Bled has incredible chess tradition. It has been hosting chess competitions since 1931; the majority of World Championships has once played next to the famous lake.
Prestigious titles, nice awards, old friends, and foremost breath-taking location will lure to the World Senior Chess Championship 2018 many chess players from all continents and numerous states.
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6,824 Working hours
Savielly Tartakower Polish and French chess player “The blunders are all there on the board, waiting to be made.”
David Ionovich Bronstein Chess Grandmaster In simultaneous exhibition grandmasters usually play White in all the games. An exception was David Bronstein, who allowed his opponents to choose their preferred colour of figures. Once he played a simultaneous exhibition in the English Parliament, letting Members of the Parliament to choose their figures. All twenty of his opponents decided to be White. “What a rare example of consensus in the English Parliament!” has exclaimed Bronstein. “And on an initiative of Russian citizen nonetheless,” has replied a member of the audience. Bronstein won 20:0.
GM Adrian Mikhalchishin Technical Director of European Chess Academy »There are many great chess books. For example, Botvinnik's Analiticheskie raboty or Fischer's Best games. Still, my favourite is Keres' book »100 games«. This has been my first chess book, a gift from my grandmother for Saint Nicholas 1966. The level of Keres' commentaries in this book is unsurpassable.«
GM David NavaraCzech Chess Grandmaster»The best chess player in the world is Magnus Carlsen. Why? It is simply because he is the best at playing in the equal positions.«
IM Ekaterina Atalik Turkish chess player »The best chess player of all time is Jose Raul Capablanca. And not only the best, even the most elegant of all.«

Our Easy Steps To Success

Let’s start making your chess success today
1. Study classics All necessary knowledge is there!
2. Solve tactical exercises Calculation technique is the most important in chess!
3. Analyse own games and improve your play You must eliminate own mistakes and find how these positions must be played.

European Chess Academy

Istrska ulica 60h / 2000 Maribor / Slovenia +386 (40) 834 432