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maribor camp2019 photo16The atmosphere in Maribor, Slovenia is especially festive this year, as the chess players are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the first chess club in the city (Mariborski SK). The European chess academy has also been sharing the festive spirit with its traditional Festival. This year the team of European chess academy, led by GMs Georg Mohr and Adrian Mikhalchisin with the tremendous help from Evgeny Ushakov, has stretched the festival for 9 days. 

Between June 20th and June 28th the city of Maribor almost traditionally transformed into the main venue of the various chess events under the slogan “Smart game for smart city” that brought together many chess lovers from Slovenia and abroad and at the same time the city hosted some chess stars as well. 

This year’s date of events coincided with the city’s traditional Lent festival – for the first time chess players became a part of the official Festival’s program, which every year attracts thousands of people. 

iacf2 pic summer festival 2019ŠAHOVSKI DNEVI – JUNIJ 2019
Maribor, 20. – 28. junij 2019

»Pametna igra za pametno mesto« 


Četrtek, 20. junij 
11.00 - Tiskovna konferenca – Narodni dom Maribor

Petek, 21. junij 
10.00 - Dvoboj Palček : Velikanu /
 EŠA – RUSIJA (1. krog) -  Hotel Mercure
15.00 - EŠA - RUSIJA (2.krog) – Hotel Mercure

LIVE GAMES - VIEWER / round 01-06 /  

GAMES - PGN / Downolad pgn - round 01-06 / 


Sobota, 22 junij         
10.00 - VIP simultanka, igra Antoaneta Stefaanova (Grajske arkade)
10.00 - Simultanka: Maribor izziva legendo, igra Aleksander Beljavski (Grajske arkade) 
Cel dan - Simultanke velemojstri – različne lokacije

Nedelja, 23. junij      
10.00 - 22. Pirčev memorial – Srednja gradbena šola in gimnazija Maribor


20190420 koper2019 milan zajic20-year-old Serbian Grandmaster Milan Zajić is the winner of the first Student Chess Cup of the Koper Branch of MGU Lomonosov, which was part of the University open days, on Saturday, April 20. As many as 89 chess players from 16 countries took part in the tournament and was of high quality: 1 Grandmaster, 9 International masters and 14 FIDE masters. The average rating of the top ten chess players was as high as 2424 points. 

The organizers - the Lomonosov Institute and the European Chess Academy have distributed wonderful awards, scholarships and tuition fees worth over 50,000 euros.

20180812 participantsChess Camp 2019 (Maribor, Slovenia, June 22nd – 29th)

The European Chess Academy, in cooperation with the European Chess Union (ECU) and the Garry Kasparov Chess Foundation (KCF), is hosting the traditional big international Chess Camp for 2019.

The camp will be particularly spectacular this year, as it will be associated with two major events: chess weekend in Maribor (21. – 23. 6.) and the Grand Chess Tour Classical Tournament Zagreb 2019 – end of June, beggining of July)). Camp participants will join the campaigns on both events!

We have prepared extremely favorable prices (tuition fees, accommodation), there is a simultan exhibition with the star Grandmasters (World Champion Antoaneta Stefanova among the others), a Greet and Meet session with Gary Kasparov (selfies, autographs …) and a tour of the big tournament, where you will meet the best chess players of our days.

Hurry up with the applications!

Download Invitation >>>


20190125 logo3The European Chess Academy has signed an agreement with the Universities of the MGU Lomonosov University and the University of Primorska / Faculty of Management on the preparation and conduct of a student chess program, modeled on known American universities (University of Dallas – University of St. Louis -  ...).

European Chess Academy

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